Magnolia Bully Kennels
Magnolia Bully Kennel's Diva of Dax
Diva is a direct daughter off of Gottyline's Grand Champion Dax. Dax is one
of the most sought after studs and top producers in the American Bully
world. Diva's dam is Rockhard/Allstar's Pantera. Pantera is a direct
Daughter of Texas Cartel's P-WEE, another Legend in the American Bully
Zora was bred here at Magnolia Bully Kennels. She is off of PerrettBullie's Leilo
bred to Magnolia Bully's Diva of Dax. She is a beautiful American Bully and is a
great representative of the Daxline crossed with the Razor's Edge Line,
producing a very clean American Bully with lots of muscle mass while still
obtaining the traits of athleticism and endurance
Magnolia Bully Kennel's Zora
Check out Diva's Pedigree and you will see the quality and genetics in her
bloodline are some of the Legendary Best.  
Diva produces American Bully Puppies that are of the highest quality to be
found anywhere in the world. We have very BIG plans for Diva in our future
Breedings here at Magnolia Bully Kennels
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